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We Offer

Website development and management

Our website design and management services serve to support and lessen the workload usually performed by businesses. We take care of this area and continue maintain your online visibility, while you focus on other pressing task.

Billboard Advertising

With our billboard located in the prime CBD location in Honiara, you are in good hand to be in the spotlight with you brand, product and services. Take the step..

Graphics Design & Training

Our graphics design service, using the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud suite,  covers design of banners for print and digital, icons, business cards, brochures, report books, magazine of any kind, logo and more. 

Videography and Photography

We shoot and create video content for all sorts of purposes ranging from marketing, campaign and awareness and promotions.

Job Advertisement

Advert Central aimed to create opportunities for online campaign, promotion and advertising. We have multiple spaces (side strips and 3x top banner) where business and organizations can also carry out their online campaign to promote sales, product or upcoming major events.

Small Business Planning

We provide business plans and and prospect to SMEs and also professional communications services for campaign and awareness purpose.


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